It’s as though we’ve never been away!

Pupils in Class 3 have responded wonderfully this morning to our focus on a famous painting and the quality of their written and spoken language has been so impressive; it’s hard to believe that this is only the first morning back! Can you leave a reply to explain whose art work we’ve been talking about?


Molly’s project gets us thinking!

Molly set us the task of finding out more about the island of Tenerife. To add to the challenge, pupils were asked to arrange a holiday for 4 people, including a day trip to a place of interest. Each team were given a different budget and couldn’t overspend! Where are all we going?

Research skills at the ready!

To link to our topic on the heart, pupils in Class 3 have been finding out key facts about Christiaan Barnard. Leave a post to show what you know!

Celia shares her photographs with Class 3

We were so proud of Celia this morning as she had prepared a talk to tell us all about her family photographs. Thank you and well done!


Volume and surface area challenge

This morning we have continued our focus on volume and surface area when we were challenged to construct a polyhedron made from 2 or more cuboids and then find its volume!


Nets, volume and scale!

In mathematics we are learning to create nets of a variety of 3D shapes, including cubes and cuboids. Some  of us then set out to prove that the formula for calculating the volume of cuboids is correct! We are also investigating the effect on the volume of a cuboid when the side length is increased by a given scale factor. Watch this space for our findings!

Investigating idioms

We have spent our time in English lessons this week investigating idioms to enrich our vocabulary. Linked to our topic ‘Blood Heart’, we found the idioms which refer to the heart and then challenged ourselves to use them in a short narrative! Leave a reply to teach us about an idiom you have learned…

Morgan’s project morning inspires us!

Thank you very much Morgan for your idea to study the solar system for your mini project; we really enjoyed extending our knowledge of the planets and showed some superb independent research skills this morning. What new fact did you learn?